Saturday, September 11, 2021

Volunteering for one of Garrett County’s largest events is fun and rewarding! And benefits two local charities: HART for Animals and Garrett Lakes Arts Festivals.

Volunteers are needed for:

  • Set up Thursday & Friday
  • Guest Wine Pourers
  • Security
  • Wine Store helpers and Cashiers
  • Security
  • Tear Down Sunday

Several shifts available! You’ll receive free non-tasting admission and a festival t-shirt, or have the option to purchase a tasting ticket in advance and at a discounted price of $22.50 (or $52.50 for advance Premium Tasting ticket).


Volunteers are essential to the purpose, programming, and success of the Art & Wine Festival. We value them and are grateful to them, both beyond adequate words!

Without the service, talents, time, energy, and commitment of our volunteers, the Festival would not have the reputation for quality and service that it has and would not benefit, to the extent that it does, our charities, HART for Animals and GLAF (Garrett Lakes Art Festival), and Garrett County as a whole.

Volunteers will receive adequate preparation for their responsibilities, work in an environment where they are valued and appreciated, and receive respectful treatment.  In exchange for their time and energy and a minimum commitment of 3.5 hours, volunteers will receive one free NON-TASTING admission to the Festival, a special Festival t-shirt, and food and beverages while they are on duty. If the volunteer chooses to partake in the wine tasting (which includes a commemorative glass) before or after their shift, they may purchase a Saturday Admission ticket online at a discounted price of $22.50, or a Friday Night Premium Wine Tasting/Saturday Admission combo ticket for $50.50 per volunteer which must be purchased in advance. The Premium Wine Tasting has moved to Friday, September 10 from 5:00 – 8:00 PM and tickets are only available in advance, while supplies last.  Saturday admission tickets are $37 at the gate. Being part of an exciting event that benefits our local community is an added bonus!

The service of any volunteer is accepted at the discretion of the Festival organization. The organization may decide to terminate the relationship with a volunteer at any time before, during, or after the Festival and will do so in a respectful manner with as much explanation as is possible and available.

The Festival welcomes the participation of Business/Organization Volunteer Groups who are registered with and recognized by the Festival as such. These groups will recruit at least 8 volunteers and will be allowed to wear a company name tag, button, and/or baseball cap with the logo of that business/organization. These recognized groups will be listed in the Festival’s “Special Thanks” announcements. No group (EXCEPT for selected groups of students for manual labor) — even those registered as a recognized Business/Organization Volunteer Group — will receive payment for their volunteering at the Festival nor will they be allowed to solicit donations from Festival guests. Six organizations will be selected each year by the Festival and given a table on the day of the event at which they can sell items, seek contributions for a service, or in any other way fundraise, as long as it is not “hat in hand, hand out” asking for donations. Members of these groups may enter the festival free of charge but if any members wish to taste wine and/or beer, they must purchase a Festival ticket at full price.

Each volunteer must complete a Release and Waiver of Liability form before the start of their volunteer shift. Parental consent forms are required for any volunteer under the age of 18 years of age.

Any volunteer that handles alcohol at the Festival must be at least 21 years of age. 

Volunteers for the Deep Creek Art & Wine Festival agree to adhere to the following policy statements and practices.


  1. Volunteers must complete an Online Festival Volunteer Application, which includes a release and waiver of liability form (i.e., Volunteer Policy), and understand that without either of these they will not be able to volunteer at the Festival. Volunteers of minor age will have a parent/guardian sign the Parental Consent Form.
  2. Volunteers are not scheduled to volunteer until the Volunteer Coordinator confirms their shift and responsibilities.
  3. Filling volunteer positions happens at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator. While he/she will do his/her best to place each volunteer in a preferred position, volunteers must understand that placements are based on several factors, including previous experience at the Festival, self-identified skills, date application is submitted, and other factors.
  4. Volunteers are prepared to work their entire shift and understand that they are expected to arrive at the Volunteer Check-In station at least 15-30 minutes before their shift begins. If for some reason a volunteer cannot keep his/her commitment, the volunteer agrees to let the Volunteer Coordinator know in advance, with as much time as possible, ideally 3 days before the scheduled shift.
  5. Some volunteer positions may require lifting or other physical tasks. If volunteers do not feel physically capable or know that they have other physical limitations, volunteers will let that be known to the Festival at the time of completing the Volunteer Application.
  6. If volunteers are assigned to a volunteer position that requires advanced training, they will attend the mandatory training session, which will be scheduled in advance of the Festival.


  1. Volunteers agree that no one – HART, GLAF, their officers or staff, sponsors, contractors, vendors, other volunteers – will be held liable for personal injury or property damage. They furthermore agree to indemnify the Art & Wine Festival, HART, and GLAF as harmless on account of any such claims.


  1. Volunteers will wear the festival t-shirt provided at the time of shift check-in, and they are not to wear any gear promoting another organization during their volunteer shift without the express permission of the Festival. Only registered Business/Organization Groups will be allowed to wear such gear.
  2. Pets will NOT be allowed to accompany registered volunteers at their volunteer station unless the pet is a registered service animal.
  3. No volunteers will be accepted on the day of the Festival and that no family members, children, and/or other adults will be permitted to accompany them to their volunteer assignment unless they are registered with the Festival as a volunteer and have received a volunteer assignment.


  1. Wine served at the Festival and all items sold in the Retail Store are the property of the Festival and volunteers do not have permission to give away nor drink any product served or any product sold that they have not purchased themselves. Volunteers will not drink wine or beer (which is on tap and sold in the Football Lounge) on their scheduled shift beyond tasting each product they will be serving to be able to describe it to guests. Outside of their volunteer shift, they may do so if they have purchased a Wine Tasting ticket, which includes a tasting band and wine glass.
  2. Volunteers who consume alcohol during their shift or arrive at their shift inebriated or in any other way impaired may be dismissed from their shift and disqualified from volunteering in the future.
  3. Volunteers who are pouring wine must abide by the requirements of that position, including but not limited to, serving only a certain amount of wine per pour, pouring ONLY into this year’s Festival glasses, and not serving those guests who appear to be overly intoxicated. They understand that additional requirements will be shared during training before their pouring shift.


  1. Volunteers understand that as a volunteer they cannot solicit nor accept monetary gratuities from any patron or vendor.
  2. Volunteers agree to be professional and courteous to all guests, staff, volunteers, contractors, vendors and others at the Festival at all times.


  1. Should a volunteer have a problem or concern, he/she agrees to immediately discuss the matter with a Festival staff person in the spirit of helping the Festival improve service to patrons and treatment of volunteers and will not speak negatively in the community about their Festival experience unless he/she have first spoken with a staff person.


  1. Volunteers understand that by agreeing to volunteer at the Festival and accepting a volunteer assignment, they will abide by these statements listed in this volunteer policy.

Click here for printable PDF version of our Volunteer Policy